SolidX (XFCE) 8 2017.01 Installation and Overview

New version of SolidX (XFCE) 8 2017.01. Installation and Overview.

“SolydX and SolydK are Debian-based distributions with the Xfce and KDE desktops respectively. SolydXK aims to be simple to use, providing an environment that is both stable and secure. SolydXK is an open-source alternative for small businesses, non-profit organisations and home users. The project started as an unofficial variant of Linux Mint’s “Debian” edition with KDE as the default desktop, but it was later given its own identity as SolydK. SolydX was added after Linux Mint dropped its Debian-based flavour that used the Xfce desktop.”

Release details:
“The ISOs are fully updated and numerous bugs were resolved. These editions do deserve their naming: they are incredibly solid!
The localized Dutch version is available for download as are the 32-bit community editions. The other community editions and localized editions will follow later. I will post the release of those editions as soon as they are ready. I’ll leave the previous versions for download until then.”

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