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Ubuntu Studio 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish) Daily Build

New release of Ubuntu 18.10 Studio Daily Build. Installation and Overview. Ubuntu Studio is a variant of Ubuntu aimed at the GNU/Linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast as well as professional. The distribution provides a collection of open-source applications available for multimedia creation.

Slackel 4.14.21 KDE

New release of Slackel 4.14.21 KDE, Installation and All Software.
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Slackel is a Linux distribution and live CD based on Slackware Linux and Salix OS. It is fully compatible with both. It uses the current version of Slackware and the latest version of the KDE desktop. The Slackel disc images are offered in two different forms – installation and live.

SalentOS 1.0.1 “Luppìu”

New release of SalentOS 1.0.1 codename Luppìu, Installation and All Software.
SalentOS is an Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux distribution that uses Openbox as window manager. SalentOS has been designed to embrace lightness (hence the choice of Openbox), but at the same time it maintains the completeness and features of Ubuntu. The system includes elements of GNOME and Xfce desktops.

Parrot Security OS 3.2

New release of Parrot Security OS 3.2 (Lite), Installation and All Software.
Parrot Security OS is a Debian-based, security-oriented distribution featuring a collection of utilities designed for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, hacking, privacy, anonymity and cryptography. The product, developed by Frozenbox, comes with MATE as the default desktop environment.